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The One: an adventure RPG

Getting creative with pixel art and the MonoGame framework.

🚧 Page under construction

(just like the game)

My inspirations

What influenced me to create this game?

Stardew Valley

and other video games


and other creative YouTube channels

My idea

What this game is about.

Stay tuned to find out 🙂

My progress

Here are some snapshots of the game:


I spent a lot of time and energy on drawing the textures for tiles and objects, then putting them together to form maps. To save myself time, I created a map editor that allows me to import, edit, and export JSON map files.


The game features a dialogue system that is heavily influenced by Stardew Valley and similar RPG games. The player interacts with characters that may offer help, deliver tasks, or add depth to the story.

Items and inventory

This includes implementing the user interface and the logic for storing items in a hotbar, a backpack, and clothing slots. Each item is categorized and has a short description.


The player must perform tasks in order to advance through the story. Tasks can include collecting items, talking to certain characters, and giving items to characters.

Collision detection

The player cannot walk through a tree, off the land into the void, or into the water (yet).


So far, I created spritesheets for the player and their clothing, which allows moving around to be pleasing to the eye.

Save files

The game allows the player to save their progress and load existing savefiles.

My to-do list

What's next?

There's tons of features to implement and I'm excited to update this page with the progress I make.