Hi, I'm Peter.

A software enthusiast who loves exploring.

A bit about me...

I'm a first-year university student living near Toronto, Canada. Learning lots about full-stack web development. I'm also passionate about creative designs and game development. I love participating in contests and hackathons. Looking for more opportunities!

Full-Stack Web Development

Here are some websites and web apps I've made:

Perfect photo filters within seconds. Winner at MasseyHacks VI.


Keep track of benefits, relief measures, and financial opportunities. Winner at TOHacks 2020.


Turn texts into multiplayer quizzes with NLP. Created in 32 hours at Hack the North 2019.


Creativity and Design

Check out some of my designs.

A quest to better my design skills. One logo every day for fifty days.


A mobile interface showcasing player information. My very first use of mockup files.


Game Development

More to come!

An adventure RPG I started in the summer of 2018. Picking this project back up, so keep checking on my progress!


A unique puzzle app focused on relaxation and minimalism. Now on Google Play, iOS version coming soon!

react nativeandroidillustrator

In progress: app for users to play Connect Four against various levels of AI or in offline multiplayer.

react nativegame theory

I display my work on several platforms.

Oh, and take a copy:

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