A puzzle game focused on relaxation and minimalism.

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The progression of the game is intuitive; the game gradually grows from a tutorial-style stage to an endless set of puzzles that will always keep you thinking.

Daily challenges

Never get bored of Ripple, because new challenges in varying difficulties are generated daily! Challenges range from a beginner level to a good mind-boggler.

Visual and sound effects

Fluid animations, art, and music give players peace of mind. Ripple offers flexibility with light and dark themes, and the ability to toggle background music and sound effects. Ripple is intended to keep your head clear of everything except for a calming puzzle.


What Ripple looks like

You can find previews of the app on the App Store or Google Play.

Where can I play Ripple?

You can get Ripple on iOS and Android devices through the App Store or Google Play respectively. Enjoy!

Want to see more?

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